Sunday, June 7, 2009

What Lydia likes

Lydia likes to sit up and play with her toys but not being on her tummy to do the same. She likes the sippy cup but never the bottle. Lydia likes to pet her doggie but doesn't like the licks in the face she gets in return. She likes to watch mommy work outside in the garden, but not from any seat. She likes to be carried around to look at everything (which makes it a workout for me!) Lydia likes books - to eat. She does not like cutting teeth (she has two). Lydia likes it when daddy comes home and talks to her. She likes giving open mouth slobbery kisses and sweet hugs. She is finally starting to like to eat her foods. Of all the foods she really enjoys - are our desserts that she gets nibbles of! This video was when we were in Maryland a few weeks ago at a pretty little bay town. She had one bite of my mint chocolate chip ice cream and she ws hooked!


Have have had two weeks of summer and pretty much nothing to show for it! We hit the pool most of this past week and went to my aunt and uncle's house to enjoy some family time at their swimming hole on Sat. Lydia is proving to be waterbug #3. I put her in and she just starts kicking with a big grin on her face. Here are some shots of our summer so far (somehow we missed getting any of Lydia in the pool though).

Caleb and Lydia's first Braves game (it was a GOOD one)!

A boat ride with daddy (in Caleb's word's "Daddy has good ideas")

Hiking at Lake Arrowhead

My niece Lauren and I

Some of the little cousins with uncle Richard in the "hot pool"

The beginnings of our little garden.