Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lydia 5 months

Some pictures of our little Lydia that's 5 months old now!

Jumpa- Jumpa-Jumpa

Here's Lydia in her latest activity - her jumpy seat. I put her in a few weeks ago thinking she might still be too little, but she immediately proved me wrong. Her little feet started bouncing and a smile broke out on her face. I think she likes it!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

International readers

Right now I have family spread out to four different countries (not counting the good ol' US of A). This is a note to them to say that I see that some of you have been peeking in and not leaving a note - tsk- tsk. Since I can't talk to some of you - I will say a public "hello" and miss you all!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lydia 4 months

Lydia had her four month check up today. She is growing like a champ. She is in the 97% for height, which is consistent for her and is in the 90% for her weight. We have some height in the family so it is no wonder her little ankles stretch out of her 6 month clothing! Lady Lydia is not yet rolling over but she thinks it's really funny when I help her to her stomach and she gets a new vantage point. I think she will be sitting straight up quite soon because she is always pulling her heard forward when in her little lounge chair or car seat.
We have a grabber on our hands. Lydia is really grabbing at anything especially a hand full of Alexia's red hair that's so shiny. She mouths on anything and slobbers on everything!
She is always being entertained by her loving siblings. We have found when they jump up and down, she will give you a good belly laugh - so cute! She is called Lady Lydia by me because she just sits quietly and asks for nothing. Princess is just not fitting for her. Erik calls her "pinkie-pie" because 95% of the time I do dress my little girly girl in pink. We have been extremely blessed once again with such a good sweet baby.

In Search For a Daddy Tie

Caleb loves to dress like his daddy. Early on, white undershirts became known as "daddy shirts" because daddy wore them. Then a button up dress shirt was also known as a "daddy shirt" because he saw daddy wear them to work every day. This daddy "stuff" has now moved into other areas - daddy's chips, daddy's cereal. Sometimes I ask him what he wants for breakfast and he asks me back " what did daddy have?"
One day he piped up that he wanted a "daddy tie, a yellow one. " The search was on. Major department stores did not have them, a suit store did not have them, kids boutiques did not have them - where to find one??? I was at our church's consignment sale two weekends ago and there it was! A clip-on "yellowish" daddy tie! For $1 no less!! Thank you Lord, you can't pass that up and here he is looking and acting like his daddy.

Magic Show

Alexia took part in her school's talent show this past week. We were very proud of her because she has never been one to boldly take to the stage. She and her friend Maggie awed the crowd by changing the color of a scarf, making a cup of candy disappear and other little tricks. They also elicited giggles every time they uttered the magic words "Scooby-Dooby-doo!"