Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Am Here

I am here and alive.  I just am not able to get my pics to the blog site - so I will be sure to show them in a few more days.  I am having a great time but miss my own family.  The babies are so sweet,  I just can't put them down.  For the first few days, I just sat on the sofa holding a fussy one until they drifted off and before I knew it, they had taken a whole nap in my arms.  The nights are long and bring back memories that you try to forget after the first 3 months have passed.  My sister is nursing them, but last night there was too much demanding going on so I ended up giving one a bottle.  I usually end up with one in my room early in the morning.  They like to tag team cry, so if one is not there to pick up on the tag, the fussing ends and mommy gets to sleep for another hour.  

Other than that, we have taken a few walks around their new village they moved to recently.   The tulips are not ready to show their pretty blooms yet.  In fact, I arrived to snow which was peaceful on the countryside with the canals in between.  It snowed for a few days after that but since then has been the normal grey sky.  The church bells wake me up in the morning (okay wake me up the third time after the babies, but it sounds more picturesque) and I did venture over to see the windmill house down the road on the canal.  This village is small and walkable to most things as opposed to taking the bikes  -but you still see a lot of them.  The twin's stroller gains quite the attention, and surprised looks when they realize it's a boy and girl.  I must say, I have had to stay outside a few times with the babies and stroller because the small shops do not accomadate the wide load in tow!!  
   I have to mention my nephew Jesiah as well.  It is a tough thing to suddenly share mom and dad with two babies, but he is doing well.  He has spent most of his life in The Netherlands and it has cracked me up that there are a few words in our everyday language that he lacks.  For example, we were walking down the lane and he told his mom he wanted to sit on the chair that is by the road.  She didn't know what he was talking about until he pointed to the park bench facing the canal!!   Funny I thought. 
   Well, this turned lengthy.  I will just put up some pictures when I return without more words! 

 *and I am now going mad because blogger spell check is not working - sorry!    

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

I wanted to say Happy Easter to everyone! Take a moment to reflect on this victorious holiday. My next postings will hopefully be from my sister's place in Amsterdam so stay tuned. It's not looking very promising for getting out to the tulip farms this time - but I'm sure there will be some good pictures worth posting (like the niece and nephews). Meanwhile I will be anxiously awaiting our beautiful dogwoods to bloom here. They are so beautiful in the spring- I love them. Have a super day!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Follow Up

As a follow up to my last post, I wanted to say thank you to all those that left kind words and e-mailed support. I am always thinking of what a funny little make-up of cyber-friends I have made in this blogging/adoption world.
Before I left, it was apparent that the verses I had been comforted with, (see below post) were divinely inspired. One of my MIL's friend's had written me that that passage was read to Jacques as he lay on his deathbed surrounded by his friends and family. It was also sited at his memorial. That was a wonderous thing to know that we as a family were being comforted by the same verses unknowingly and miles apart.
The trip down was fine with the kids thanks in part to my brother's wife Stephanie. She came over the night before loaded up with indiviually wrapped snacks of EVERY kind, new coloring books, a cooler full of Diet Cokes and juice boxes. She even brought over a yummy dinner from Macaroni Grill - so sweet! A neighbor stocked us up on "new to us" DVD's for the kids to stay glued to. So when we finally got to Orlando, we just had to roll the kids out of the car. A few days of running around with their cousins took care of all those extra calories. Even our dog was taken care of by our sweet friends who delivered excellent care including free pickup - haha!!
The week was busy- full of family, friends and endless tasks to get done. I was thankful for some quiet moments with my sister in law and mother in law. The memorial was beautiful. My husband spoke and sumed up Jacques life and transformation to the wonderful person he was. It was well attended as he and my mother in law are dear people and greatly loved.
I just wanted to follow up and speak to God's faithfulness to get me/us through a tough situation. Although we would have rather not had to make the trip for the reason, the logistics worked out smoothly.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Strength

Tonight I had a few "Sound of Music" moments. I think mostly girls read my blog, so most of you should know what I will be referring to. Earlier this evening I was (knowingly selfishly) sobbing to my best friend on the phone "How am I going to get through this?" I have a daunting task at hand. Tomorrow I must tell my daughter that her grandfather (our Papa Jacques) has passed away. My husband had just left to be with his mother (out of state) and I was left to grieve alone and take care of my children (one still sick) and try not to think about the 9 hour drive I will be taking with my kids without my husband.

The verses Psalm 121:1,2 came to my mind. I will lift up mine eyes to the hills- from where comes my help? My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth. (remember Maria in the convent quoting that verse?)
I know God gives me the strength to "get through" things. He always has and always will. It's hard to see how until it's behind you. His bigger task is getting my sweet mother in law through the death of her husband.

My other Sound of Music moment came at the kids bedtime. I was nervous what my daughter would ask me or pray about for our Papa Jacques. I am waiting until after school tomorrow to tell her. She did ask why Papa J would have to die and I had to explain that he was in so much pain, it would be better for him to be in heaven. I knew she was getting sad and it might affect her going to sleep so we all piled on her bed with the light out and I sang them a few songs including "My Favorite Things" Well, this is one of their favorite songs to have sung to them and it was quite funny when little Caleb broke out singing it too! His two year old voice singing "when the dog bites, when the bees sting..." I was so happy when Alexia let go of her sadness and was filled with laughter. I knew that was one way God was taking care of things one by one. I will let you know the rest.

Meanwhile, I would like to mention that Papa Jacques had a peaceful death with friends surrounding him singing to him. We are sad that we could not enjoy him longer than we did, but we are happy to know that he is in a better place and we will see him again. We love you "Car Show Boy!"