Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Part 4 - On Yonder Mountain Day

This spring Alexia's class read a book together called "On Yonder Mountain" which was set in "old-timey days". Earlier this week they got to have a special day of making butter, applesauce, beef jerky and tasting real maple syrup and homemade bread. They did some fun crafts as well. They even sported some great settler wear for the day. I didn't think of it until last night, but Alexia's outfit was supported by 4 generations. Her great-grandmother, that she never knew, originally sewed the blue dress for my sister when she was in first grade. My mother-in-law figured up and sewed the mob cap (and one for the doll as well). I whipped up an apron for effect and Alexia wore it all well! The main character had a special doll, thus, Alexia's doll went to school as well. Her class was so cute they looked like a bunch of Little House of the Prarie characters!

part 3 Art Competition and Chorus Concert

Alexia has been in an extra chorus at school this year and they put on a concert last week with some of the other choirs - it was a good show and they learned some hard songs - a couple even had some foreign words! That was the same night as the art competition results were revealed. She won 3rd place in her grade for her painting of an ice cream on a canvas - Yea Alexia!

part 2 -Soccer season

Alexia and Caleb both played soccer this season (well, Alexia played soccer, Caleb played what I call "bunch ball" -where they just all travel in a bunch around the ball. But more on that later). Alexia's team was undefeated this year. She even emerged as a pretty good goalie at times this year-that is, when the other team would make it to our side!!

Alexia catch up part 1 - The Hair

I am real proud of my big girl. When she finally decided it was time for her hair to be cut, she did it in a big way. She had 10 inches chopped off and donated it to Locks of Love which makes wigs and gives them for free to children with hair loss for medical reasons. We all know that some little child will be thrilled to have a piece of her gorgeous red locks!