Thursday, November 29, 2007

My dancing elfin family

Well I laughed my head off last night! If you CLICK RIGHT HERE, you can see what our family would look like if we were dancing elves. It is quite funny to see your own faces as shown - take a look and create one for yourself for a good laugh!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

One year down!

As of yesterday (when we were on the road coming home from Thanksgiving at Mimi and Papa Jacques') we have been officially waiting for our little girl from China for ONE YEAR!! It's kind of like a celebration in some ways - one year down, but who knows how long to go?
The past few months have been more of a downer than an up swing. Thoughts of other countries and special needs route have been considered. The quilt squares lay idly in a box, no mention of names and we no longer say "next year when we have Mei-mei". We are trying to accept that it will most likely not be next year, but instead 2009. It was hard to swallow when Alexia's Sunday school teacher told us she had prayed a sweet prayer that her sister would come soon. Still I had a recent reminder of what we are in this for.
The other night Caleb had brought to me the adoption storybook Shaoey and Dot to read. It's a cute little story about a ladybug that happens upon an abandoned little baby in China and vows to never leave her. The ladybug follows the little girl on her journey to her adopted family.
To give a personal background about this book, the first time I read this, I was on vacation and in a bookstore with adoption not in our future anywhere. As I read it, I started bawling. I don't mean a tear or two, I gushed. There is a part where the ladybug friend talks to the little baby girl and explains this as she is about to be adopted into a family
"There's a cry that's the saddest of all.
In fact it's unlike any other.
It comes from a deep, empty place in your heart
That can only be filled by a mother
And after today, I will never again
Hear that sad song coming from you
You're getting adopted, you're getting a mother,
And you're getting a family too!"

As I read this to my children, I was once again crying reminded why we want to adopt. We want to give a little girl a home and a family that loves her. There are too many children in the world without loving arms to hold and comfort them. We can't wait to welcome her into ours!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Fall Hike

We try to do lots of hikes in the nice weather such as what we have been having lately. We are fortunate to live close to lots of nice trails to do so - the kids love it. Last weekend we took them up one that would be graded a little more difficult for children. They took it head on and had a ball. They climbed on every rock around just to make the hike an obstacle course! Here are some pictures.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Prayers for our Papa

This is our Papa Jacques, (Erik's stepdad) with his grandkids last Christmas. While we were off having fun at the beach a few weeks ago, he and Mimi couldn't make it to join us. Papa Jacques was stuck in the hospital finding out he has cancer of the lung and brain. This was disheartening news to us all. Since then he has had radiation and has just started his chemo this week. Please pray with us that he would remain strong and "sick free" while undergoing this phase of treatment. We are thankful that his faith has kept him upbeat and positive for the most part during this whole ordeal. Even still, he could use the good thoughts and well wishes! Thanks!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Our Halloween

This was definately Caleb's year! Our Halloween turned out better than expected since he actually put on his costume! He did not even so much as try it on until the day. He quickly learned the process of holding up a basket to get candy all just because you put on a costume. He kept up pretty good with his big sister and her friends. He toddled behind them not wanting to be put in the stroller lest we make him skip a house. He was always very proud of his booty from each house - holding it up squealing "Canny, canny!" to Erik's dad who spent the evening with us. Two suckers, a thing of M&M's, a cookie and juice box later we drug him in the house crying for more! Alexia felt like a pro this year. She was proud of herself that she was not too shy to actually say "trick or treat". Good job black kitty!!!