Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another sporatic post!

What have we been doing? Well, besides the move and unpacking boxes, we have been carving out a little bit of fun time. On Friday evening I got to actually meet a cyber -freind Angie, who is in the same time line of waiting that we are in for our China adoption. She was in town for her son's baseball tournament.

On Saturday we went to the state fair with the rest of the carni-folk. It has been solidified as an annual tradition now. There were turkey legs, funnel cakes, missing teeth, cheap rides and big bellies galore. But, the kids have fun and they now have their rides that they remember and "have" to ride each year. Alexia went on the big ferris wheel with daddy like always and Caleb chose the slippery tug boat ride. We were a little surprised that he wanted to venture to a bigger person ride, but with daddy by his side, he sported a big smile the whole time. Unfortunately we have pictures, but our connecting cord is missing at the moment so I can't download them - but they are cute!

Erik and I have both managed to NOT run out of gas here in GA thankfully. The lack of gas is amazing. I am conserving greatly and keeping my eye on the gas gauge and any stations that have gas on any given day. Erik had to wait in line for almost an hour a week ago to fill up at the only known station with gas that night. There are stories of people going out in the middle of the night trying to avoid the long lines only to find they still have to wait (sometimes for the gas truck itself). We are hoping it passes very quickly.

Friday, September 12, 2008

One More Week

Warning: This may be a wordy synopsis of the past weeks - it's nothing exciting, just a quiet night to post.
The day after Alexia's party, my otherwise clean garage that we normally park 2 cars in, turn into this...

Pretty ugly huh? It is everything that has been stored in our attic for the past 4 1/2 years. I would hate to see what another 5 years could add! So, we have been sorting, packing, soon to have a garage sale and getting rid of what is left. It has not been fun. In the mean time, we had 7 lookers at our house last week and an open house, so the inside of our house was in tip top shape. It just has taken a few days to get all of our "stuff" out of hiding - hehe. I had to remember that I shoved a clean load of laundry from the sofa to the washer at a moments notice, b/c the dryer was still full. How is a pregnant brain supposed to remember all that?
Speaking of pregnancy, with the gestational diabetes, I am figuring I just have a little over 6 weeks until the baby comes. We still have to move next week. There is no sweet little nursery set up with the bed all made and blankets neatly folded in a matching basket. I will have to work on the other kids rooms first since the baby won't know any different. I am just hoping I can physically hold out until it's all done. I was chatting with my aunt this morning and told her I was "over it". I just want that "Easy" to appear and everything is finished and done with. Except that means I will be adding the newborn to the mix of carpool and errands - am I really ready for that? Or should I savor six more weeks of continuous sleep from pure exhaustion? In the words of little Caleb - aye aye aye!!
I am not discouraged. This will all pass (in about 6 months!) AND as long as the house sells. But, at this rate, I will be doing sporadic updates. I will try to get together something for the name game, I did think that would be fun, so don't discount me entirely! I'm still here (or there, I don't know which.)