Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My little chickadees

I kinda have a thing about all my little chicks being close by and "under my wing".  When I had my kids in schools in 2 different counties, it about sent me over the edge when foul weather was setting in and we were all spread apart.  I think that is one of the biggest things about my (hybrid) home school that I love.  We are usually in one group or at least the bigs are together in one place that I can get to in one trip.  

This past weekend I got to see my sister who is living stateside for the next 6 months on break from their residency in The Netherlands.  It was wonderful getting to see her whole family that I haven't hugged in too long.  The best part is that her furlough coincides with the future arrival of our newest addition.  In honor of our adoption, my very best sister in the world made this for us.  

My four little chicks

It is her first attempt at a tile mosaic and I think it is a beautiful one.  It symbolizes the dawn of a new day in our family as we welcome in our fourth child.  

As I look closely at the little birds, I notice the smallest on the end looking towards the others, maybe not quite sure of itself.  I pray my older children will guide our new one as they learn to live in a family and literally "come out of their shell" that they have lived as an orphan.   
Thanks dear Katy, this is a treasure.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Well, the batch that was released on January 28th left us hanging.  I didn't know if my racing, unsettled mind could tolerate waiting another 4-6 weeks.  Well, life with 3 kids caught up with me and the answer was a resounding "yes".  As always, life goes on with places to be, things to do and projects to complete.  Thankfully February is a pretty busy month around here.
It kicked off with Mimi coming in town to see Alexia in the very excellent production of
Fairy Tale Courtroom   

I was so proud of her in the lead role of the Big Bad Wolf who was on trial for his many offenses to various characters in fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, the 3 little pigs and others.

Here's my part -nightly makeup and costuming!
The transformation

Its good acting on both parts
when the DA and the defendant
are actually friends!
Unfortunately the jury 
(played by the audience)
found my little wolfie 
guilty all but one night. 

But, that only took up the first week.  Now it is Pinewood Derby time!  I'm on our Cub Scout committee, so its double duty this week.  We have some great parents so really it is assigning and delegating and the rest of it is focused on getting that boy's car just right.  This year Caleb wanted to go with the nature theme and chose to make a crocodile.  Don't judge if you think it looks too much like an alligator :)  

He didn't win anything for speed this year, but he got 2nd place for design in the Wildlife category . 

It was an ice day Wednesday, so we spent some time working on some science projects.  2 kids in school and 3 science projects - doesn't add up in my mind very well either.   

Totally excited that my sister and family is on this side of the pond for the next 6 months.  We are having a big ol' party for her twins with lots of family getting together in a few weeks.
Then, its our annual Chick-fil-A seminar.  Its an awesome time of getting together with all the other CFA folks in some good Florida sunshine and working in a few days with the grandparents.
Whew, that brings us to the tail end of the month - referral?  Bring it on!