Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Brown Envelope

This may not look like much (and it's not) but it's the most recent mailing straight from Guangzhou, China. Yesterday we were the lucky recipients of "the brown envelope." In brief it just states that China knows we are intending to adopt a child (I should hope they knew). Many others have received this mailing and I had given up on it -but I'm in the club now!

8 down

I thought that this was a cute little summer picture. I have no idea who these little boys are but they look determined to do something. Well, we are determined to keep hanging in there and waiting for our little girl. We have eight months of waiting behind us.

When we first started this whole process in the early spring of 2006, I was convinced that we would be traveling to China in August of 2007. Why then? Well, that was our projected referral time then, but most of all because I was SURE that I would have to travel during both my kids birthday and miss Alexia starting kindergarten. Well, no fear of that now - maybe next year!

I believe that God's timing is perfect though. With all of the craziness that our family has experienced this summer, there is NO WAY I could even fathom bringing in an adopted child. I have to believe that God is the master artist and knows what he is creating in us all both individually and as a family. So, as much as we think about having her here and want her here, I know that for some reason we are being kept apart a little longer than we'd like so that we may come together at just the right moment to create a beautiful masterpiece.

Monday, July 23, 2007

What a difference a day makes!

Here are a few shots from Saturday which was a nice afternoon with NO RAIN!! Sunday was back to rain as usual :(
Alexia and her best pool buddy of 3 years - Jordan.

Caleb loves to swim too!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Rain, rain go away...

I hate to complain about all the rain because 3 weeks ago I was complaining of the lack of. Our grass was brown and dry, towns canceled their Fourth of July fireworks, I hardly have any summer flowers because of the early summer drought. Now, I just wish it would give us a break and move on. My son stares out the window and we have the same conversation each day in his cute little toddler talk. Caleb says "outside" - "No honey we can't go outside it's raining" - "water" - "Yes, the rain is water" - "pool?" - No honey we can't go to the pool either because it's raining." It's so pathetic. The kids made the best of it today and danced in the rain. In one picture, Caleb is showing me the rain!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I was tagged like 2 weeks ago by Kerrie, so now I am finally getting around to it. I am telling 8 interesting or unique things about myself then tagging 8 others if they so choose to rise to the challenge. Kerrie is an adoption buddy of mine in PA. check out her blog - she seems to be enjoying her summer break from school. Well, here goes mine...

1)Summer is my favorite season because I can do some of my favorite activities like swimming and skiing. I love the water - you can't keep me out of it!! Here's me having my fun>>

2) Call me crazy, but I love my paying job. (Yes, I love being mostly a stay at home mom too). But, I really have fun taking care of my patients and having a good time doing it.

3)I am quite michevious. More so in my younger years than now but I still love watching/taking part in a good prank. I was "had" in San Francisco when I was walking down the sidewalk, minding my own business, eating a yummy bowl of chowder in a bread bowl when all of a sudden a guy "dressed" as a bush jumped out at me. It was a continuous prank to all passerbys but I had to laugh - yes this was in the touristy part of town.

4)Really random fact - the first time I ever went out of the country, I landed on the dry dirt of a land called Djibouti. - Yes, it's a real country where I worked as a surgical nurse when I was 20.

5) Speaking of that summer - I turned 21 in Somalia -that very day I was evacuated to Kenya. That situation has given me interesting stories to recount.

6) Bringing it back home...I married the boy that lived behind our next door neighbor. That's pretty close enough right? I have known Erik since high school although we did not start seeing each other for a few years later. I always kept my eye on him!!

7) My daughter was born in France. It was pretty similar to the states except in the US you don't get a full bottle of Evian for each ONE ibuprofen you are given afterwards.

8)I have Hazel eyes. Most would say brown - BUT NO!! Get up close and see - I can wear green and they brighten up. Don't ever call them brown!

Okay,now who to tag?? Katy (who needs some stuff), Laura, Terri, E-Rob, Mentanna, Carol, Amy and my SIL Cherilyn.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day to all. We hit the Marietta Freedom Parade this morning and it was a good way to get a dose of patriotism. The kids enjoyed waving the flags at all the passing people. We sat next to a vet with a cap on who got lots of comments from those in the parade. It was so nice to hear people supporting those that have fought for our country. We are off to the lake for my mom's birthday celebration - so Happy Birthday to you too mom!

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Fire truck and "oopsies" this oughtta be a good one! Today we were standing around after church talking with one of the pastors in the foyer. I was holding Caleb on my hip and then turned to see what had been holding his attention behind me (which was only a wall and outside door). I gasped when I realized he had pulled down the fire alarm bracket. There were no loud noises (yet). The pastor laughed it off and tried to push it back up. He was the one who looked guilty when the alarm began at that time.
After a few minutes of finding the shut-off and people resuming their conversations (with some ringing of the ears), I was standing at the door with the kids waiting for Erik. THEN a firetruck pulled up! Caleb got all excited and started yelling "truck, truck!" I guess someone waved them on because they immediately pulled away - to which Caleb continued to crack me up by saying "bye-bye truck!"
All was "forgiven" (pardon the pun) and since we are in a brand new building, the pastor we were talking with thanked Caleb for initiating the fire alarm. - Nice way to leave your mark Caleb!!