Monday, October 22, 2007

Beach time!

We went down to Destin last week for a little vacation and to see my cousin get married. It was a great time and the beach house we were in was just lovely. My parents were there with us as well. The down side was that we greatly missed Mimi and Papa Jacques who were not able to be with us. Enjoy the pics!

Catching Up

Well, I am hopfully back to myself - goodbye full-time nights, hello normal schedule!! So, I have got to post a few catch up pics of the kids. The first set is from almost a month ago when my sister and family were visiting. Caleb had an absolute ball with his cousin Jesiah and asked to see him everyday.

They played cars a lot!

They got into some water and had a blast!

They rolled in the grass. Caleb always thinks he is doing foward rolls like his sister when he does this!

They had a belated party for Jesiah with all his cousins present.

And they just sat and "caught up" - They really enjoyed each other.

This is me and my sis on her last day right before I left for work - I got in the car and bawled!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Noisy Wagon Ride

Okay this is really sad (and crude of me) but I have to post it. This is the only thing I have uploaded of my sweet little nephew and his visit with his cousins while they were stateside. I about fell off my chair laughing when my sister sent it to me - I'm sure it wasn't MY "noisy" son

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I have FINALLY posted all my squares received so far to my quilt blog. I have been hassled enough (deservedly) by all of you that have sent your squares since July. I know you want to see them all proudly on display - so click HERE to see them.

Dr's visit

So I had both kids in the Dr's office the other day for their well-child checkups. Yes, their birthdays were 6 and 8 weeks ago but that's doubly how long it takes to get an appointment with both kids, with the particular practioner, at the right time of day for both of them - but I digress.

It was my two year old son's turn. The medical assistant asked the routine developmental questions for the two year old check-up. Can he identify at least 6 parts of his body - Yes. Is 50% of his language intelligable - Yes. Can he jump up with both feet? My mind started racing. Caleb can't jump. Are 2 year olds supposed to jump? Is he behind? Did Alexia jump at two? I had to say no but I quickly mentioned that he can jump off of a step (did that count?) Alexia then piped in feeling like she was bragging on her little brother and said "He can even jump off the SOFA!"