Monday, June 30, 2008

Beach Pictures

Here are some shots of our beach trip to St Simons with my parents and my brother Andrew and sister in law Stephanie. The kids really enjoyed being around the beach and family all in on trip. Our favorite saying of the week came from Caleb who couldn't figure out whose (rental) beach house it was. He asked many times "grandma is this your house?" or "is this Andy's house?" One time, finally annoyed that he was not getting a satisfactory answer he asked in exasperation "Whose HOUSE is this?" By the end of the trip, he finally just called it "Aunt Stephy's house". We had a good time with lots of family laughs. We just missed my sister and her family.

Treasure Hunt

On the last morning of our trip, my brother and his wife Stephanie lead the kids on a treasure hunt following an old map they "had found." Alexia had to use some of her navigation skills to figure out where on the beach it was then set out to find the X that marked the spot. Caleb unknowingly stood right on top of it as we cheered them on. They found it and dug it up gently around the sea oats! There were crayons and chocolate coins and Hello Kitty bracelets in the treasure box - we figured the pirates took them for their kids at home!

Sand Castle

In trying to spilt some of our recent beach pictures up, I am posting a few of different activities we participated in. The first being the building of a great big sand sand castle with the lead of my brother Andrew. He brought his shovel and started digging before we even arrived at the beach - look what we all made!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby Reveal

Well, a whopping 61% of people polled were wrong! We are expecting a squiggly wiggly little girl. She was so fidgety during the ultrasound, we didn't come away with any glamour shots, but at least she cooperated to let us know "it's" a girl!
Everything else was perfect looking. As a cardiac nurse, I was so intrigued to get to see the four chambers of her heart and even the little valves. Everything is so intricately made by a wonderful creator. We are once again so blessed and thankful to have a child that is healthy. Now, on to some pink shopping!!
Say "hi" to our little girl-

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Update - 2

For clarification, yes, we are moving whenever we get the house sold. We are NOT looking for another house. We will be moving into my parents house nearby as they are leaving the country for a 3 year assignment in Greece. That is another story for another day. But, thanks to all for offering info on houses for sale in your nice neighborhood!! We did not expect to move quickly, but I ended up showing the house today to another family. This task overwhelms me since I have never been though this before. I don't really want to move, but it makes sense to take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade out of our 3 bedroom with two more kids on the way. All I want to do is go to the pool with the kids everyday. Who want to stay around to keep an immaculate house?!!?

On a better topic. Check out our little poll I started on the top left. I don't know why it screwed up my blog title color, but I will live with it for a few days. Many of you don't know us in person, but that's okay, take a guess anyway. I'll be honest with the public, Erik and I want a boy, but the kids are rooting hard for a sister. Actually, Caleb says he wants another big sister. It's kinda sweet I think. Maybe one day since we did request up to a 4 1/2 year old Chinese daughter -but doubtful we will have her by then to still be a big "sissy" to him. So, vote away friends!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Erik and I enjoyed a little getaway last week to celebrate our anniversary. We went down to the Gulf which was beautiful. We did some biking, kayaking, good eating and of course enjoyed the water.

And now, our house is on the market and we start showing Friday!! Yikes!! I've got a lot to do around here so I still won't be blogging much until next Wednesday when I get to announce if we are expecting a boy or girl - so stay tuned to my sporatic postings.