Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tour de Cul de Sac

In honor of the Tour de Georgia that wrapped up today, may I present our own version which I call "Tour de Cul de Sac." Alexia gave up the training wheels a few weeks ago (perfectly in time with 2 other neighbor girls) and has been riding her heart out everyday since. It is really cute to get all the kids (5 "big" ones 2 little ones) in our circle out riding on their little circuit. Even Caleb tries to get in on the act with his miniature "hot wheels" bike.

The weather has been beautiful and not too sweltering hot yet to spend so much time outside. It has been nice to plop a chair outside with the other moms and just talk until the last minute of needing to get dinner started - which has also made for some shoddy dinners lately (sorry honey!) I just wanted to say "Yeah" to Alexia for reaching a great milestone!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Bedtime comment

My heart just melted tonight. I was placing my son to bed and he asked where his angels were. I explained that we can't see them but God sends angels to watch over us all the time. To which he replied "and mommies."

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day - How am I doing?

Well, It's Earth Day 2008. Last year in attempt to start blabbing on my new blog, I stated I was going to go green at the grocery store. (Click here for the post.) Well, how have I done in one year's time? Very good I must say. I bought some reusable bags to do my shopping but the first set didn't work out too well. They were huge and the baggers would WAY overload them if I wasn't a drill sergeant. Then my grocery store started selling a perfect sized bag for $ . 99 - I couldn't resist! I use them all the time. My MIL even bought me more and I can do a big trip with them all. The key is to keep them in my car and just run out to the car if I forget them while shopping.

Okay, so my next goal is a big one. So we all know now there is a baby on the way. What clogs landfills? Diapers. I already have a great set of Kushies cotton diapers that I half heartily used on Alexia. Caleb got skipped. So now I will beef up my stock and buy some more liners and give this a good go. We will see how I do in one year's time. But if I fail...we don't use plastic water bottles anymore - maybe that will help!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

We make plans...

...and God laughs. This is what my ultrasound tech said smiling as she pointed out the growing little one now in my womb. Yes folks, our household had a big blow to our man made plans a few weeks ago when I discovered I was pregnant. My mom's term for it was a "God override." Our 3rd child will come not from China as we thought "she" would, but delivered at my hospital a few miles from home. As of right now, we are still in the adoption que and have not changed those plans. I just can't quite say "four" and "children" together yet - I still need some time! But we are all happy and expectant of our new family member to come.

FAQ's - Yes, we will find out what we are having.
Yes, the kids are excited (Alexia was in a little shock too)
Due date - Nov 3rd
Erik took it much better than I did!
I am feeling pretty good - just a tad nauseous and very tired
Yes, I still fear having fraternal twins (even after the ultrasound showing one)
No, no maternity stuff left, newborn stuff gone as well...I should have known.

So, fellow bloggers, do I have to change my blog title? I certainly have to change up my description!

Friday, April 11, 2008


The word is out - we are finally out of the review room in China. What does this mean? Our file has been reviewed by the adoption authorities there and we were not approached to clarify or answer any further questions which means they see us as fit parents for adoption. We are now at the bottom of the pile in the "match room" where they will SOMEDAY match us with our child. The process has become so painfully slow this is a great milestone to have behind us!