Thursday, June 5, 2014

Medical Appointment

Tuesday was Maisie's medical appointment in order for her to apply for her American visa.  She started off having her visa photo taken then going to several doctors for some simple physical exams.  As always she was prepped by our agency rep and she had no problems answering questions and going along with the flow.  She always looks intently at the adults when they speak to her and its adorable to watch her nod her head up in the affirmative as she comprehends what they are telling her.  The hard part was at the end.  They had to draw blood and they don't allow the parents in the room as it is being done (just a cultural difference -they allow the parent to console).  She walked out of the room in tears but went straight for me which is such a good thing as far as a bonding goes.  
visa photo

height and weight check

perfect patient

listening to the doctor

All those are real pearls!
Afterwards, we were dropped off at "the pearl market".  I'm not a huge shopper, but this place could overwhelm the best of them.  It was 6 stories full of small individually run shops full of pearls, amber, turquoise, beads, stone and more.  Most of it was all wholesale.  So, instead of bringing home 20 of the same necklaces, we barely shopped and headed back for a chicken foot snack (Maisie only- thank you) and a late nap. 

To bad Chick-fil-A doesn't have a chicken foot product

Then it was party time again.  We have friends that we know from GA that live here in China and it "JUST SO HAPPENS" that they are finalizing the adoption of their little girl here this week as well.  So, we met up with them tonight down near the Pearl River.  The lights of the new city area light up the night.  The Canton tower cycles in its multi-colors.  I think Maisie enjoyed being around the older kids and just got giddy with the lights on the plaza.

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