Sunday, June 1, 2014

Maisie's first plane ride

Saturday we left for our next destination.  Marie, our awesome rep in Chongqing prepped Maisie well with what to expect during the day's travels.  There were a few minor snags, but in light of Maisie's behavior and response to us, we are still blessed beyond measure.  
We had to board the plane from the outside.  The transition and jet noise was too much for her and she started screaming to go back inside.  When things like this happen, I panic a little with all the stares I feel on me wondering if others think I am kidnapping her or something.  Thankfully once inside the plane, she calmed down and seemed excited for the ride.
Saying goodbye to our CCAI guide Marie

There have been many positives with adopting a 4 year old.  However, there is something that occasionally happens that can make us squirm.  While on the plane, the flight attendant poured Maisie some juice at my request.  A while later, Maisie stood up in her seat and started yelling something across the plane over and over.  I tried to quiet her to no avail until I finally stuffed a lollipop in her mouth.  When they came back later, I got her some more juice which seemed to be what she wanted, so hopefully nothing embarrassing was yelled for all to hear.  
Maisie enjoys the shining sun while laying out on the moving sidewalk

Park near our hotel
Guangzhou smacked us in the face with heat and humidity as we expected.  I have to say it feels good to see the sky instead of fog and smog and I am always welcoming to the warm sun.  We were able to do a quick round of greetings to other families as we exited the hotel for dinner.  They were all checking in and  worn from travels (12 families with kids all traveled together).  We will have more time tomorrow.  But, it was such a joy to see each child in their parents arms.  After our dinner we wandered over to the park nearby and found a beautiful walking spot.  We didn't have much time to spend here this evening, but it is definitely a place we will return to.  Poor Maisie didn't know what to think of the sweat dripping off of her forehead.  She kept patting her wet head wondering where it was coming from.
Folding paper airplanes

As we were settling in to the hotel, I looked down and Maisie was folding paper airplanes spot on.  I smiled thinking this was a "skill" her brothers probably taught that she can now know for life!

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La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

Covering you in prayer and love your posts.

Earning a whole new set of parenting stripes, eh? Such a crazy hard, beautiful ride. :) Love to your family.