Thursday, June 5, 2014

Our adventures in Guangzhou - Monday

Monday was a holiday here in China so no work got done.  It's the Dragon Boat festival, but I was quite disappointed that there would be no races here on the local river for another 20 or so days.  I still didn't get an answer why on that one.  We went to a local area where he American consulate used to be located.  Up until a few years ago ALL adoptive families stayed on this Shamian Island (which is really just a spot of land between the rivers that used to be a sand barge).  For years I heard many families talking about their stay at the White Swan hotel here which is now sadly completely closed for renovation.  
The day itself was sweltering hot, but we dressed Maisie in her little cotton Chinese dress and set off to find some good spots for pictures.  Although she did well and pictures were cute, the heat was evident on her sweaty head.  

There are many old buildings in a somewhat British colonial style.  The trees are old and overhanging providing a slight relief from the sun.  There are spacious park areas for the children to run around on and you never know what little statue will be found around the next corner.  

So thankful for previous adoptive parents that touted this unsuspecting little joint.
We enjoyed a yummy burger and fries

There was a nice new Starbucks that we sat an enjoyed a cold frappuccino at.  After walking some more, we came across the famous Lucy's restaurant all the Americans write home about.  It was nice to sit in the cool air and enjoy a (somewhat) American meal and cold coke.  They did not have dumplings, so it didn't quite have Maisie's stamp of approval   - just give her another year.

The frappuccino here was the best ever on a sweltering day.

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