Saturday, May 31, 2014


Friday was a very easy day.  We had no where to be, only to wait in the room for the delivery of Maisie's passport.  After a long breakfast, we had no problems just hanging out, being silly, playing with beads and looking at books.  We even stayed in the room for lunch and got in a good nap.  
Finally at 3:30 the passport came which was not a minute too soon as the walls were starting to close in on Miss busybody.  What a cute little passport it is!
For those that are curious, this is basically a temporary Chinese passport for her to leave the country as she is not yet an American citizen to receive one from the US.  Part of the paperwork the past few days has included some to terminate her Chinese citizenship since China does not allow dual citizens.
We finished the day heading out to the 2nd of two malls connected to our hotel.  One is an older 6 floor mall very packed and crowded with people and full of shops and restaurants.  The other is an 8 story mall packed with higher end stores,  people and restaurants.  These people like to shop.  I told Erik that I was shocked that there could be so many stores that sustain themselves with all the choices there are.  He reminded me that there are 32 million people in the city that need to shop somewhere.  This city is just full of one huge building after another.  We have had a good experience in this city and of course the highlight was receiving Maisie here.  However, we are both so ready for the 2nd phase of the trip.  We will meet back up with all the adoption families we were in Beijing with and all our new little ones.  It will be about a 2 hour plane ride.  Our rep has talked with Maisie about getting on the plane, not going home yet, but getting to see a whole bunch of other Chinese babies with their new mommies and daddies.  It was pretty cute to listen to that dialogue.  Leaving you with some local pictures of Chongqing (the biggest city you've never heard of).

Outdoor shopping area behind the mall

View from the plaza by our hotel

View from our room.  The mountains are the direction Maisie's orphanage was
8 story mall #2 -connected to hotel by underground walkway

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