Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tuesday- It's official!

There is ONE LESS orphan in this world!  As of 2:30 pm local time we had our 24 hour "harmonious period" and we were taken back to the adoption office we had received Maisie and signed all the paperwork saying we would always take care of her and give her a good education and never abandon her.  Finger prints were taken including hers and we were handed the official notice of adoption.

She has done so well, considering we are messing up her schedule pretty good.  She sacked out on the way there and on the way back.  We celebrated with a good local lunch with our guide.  Maisie downed some egg drop soup, some kind of pickled veggies (that our guide said was too salty for her), some rice and veggies and some pork and meat off mine and Erik's plate.  We don't really have any reason to attribute it to the orphan food hoarding because she does say "no" to things and will stop when full, she just likes her food!

We got our dinner at the grocery store tonight.  I went over to get her some steamed buns, and she charmed the ladies behind the counter.  In the out door market we saw some pretty odd things, but the grocery store today had some pigs snouts, all sorts of animal parts including some of these lovely chicken feet.  Enjoy.

She also got a bath tonight.  I wasn't sure what she was used to or how she would do, but she loved playing in the big tub.  

She ended the evening with a small whimper and wouldn't let me rub her back but at least let me stay on the bed next to her until she fell asleep which took all of about 2 minutes.  She once again slept hard through the night for about 11 hours of which we are grateful for this good transition.  

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Mimi said...

Amen, and thank you, Lord! Soon she may have a live, blond haired sister in the tub with her! Such favor is being poured out!!