Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wednesday zoo day


In trying to keep up to date, I will mainly post photos from the day.  We went to the Chongqing zoo to see the pandas.  It was nice to spend a few hours out walking, but the zoo itself was nothing to write home about.  We hated telling our guide that was so excited about the pandas that we have some pandas (in a much better facility) only miles from our house at the Smithsonian National Zoo. 

When it comes to walking, it appears that Maisie has never had an agenda handed to her.  She walks so slow.  She has quickly learned it was pretty fun to hop on our backs instead.  We now have that request in her little Chinese down pat!

 Maisie was so excited to see the animals and the elephant put on a really good show as he took a long playful bath.  The better thing about this Chinese zoo was that the barriers were a lot less between humans and the animals which meant we got to see them fairly unobstructed and close.  At one point Maisie went running toward the tiger den not realizing there was a plexi-glass wall as a barrier.  She rammed right into it resulting in tears.  After they subsided, she told us "they closed the door on me!"

Later on, after dinner we were walking the shopping area and decided to get a small ice cream cone.  We got two with the intention to share with Maisie.  It took her all of one bite to decide it was hers instead.  She shared well, but kept her eyes intently on the ice cream to make sure she was going to get it back. 

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